Big Idea’s Come To Us When There Is Space…

Big Idea’s Come To Us When There Is Space…

Million Dollar Idea Kirsty TV

As I’m preparing for the launch of my new TV Talk Show, I’m going a hundred miles a minute and creating mounds of to-do lists.  Here is the question that is holding my attention at the moment; do you ever feel that you have to slow down in order to speed up?

Steve Jobs once said that every million-dollar idea he ever had came to him was while he was on vacation!  I don’t know about you but I often forget to take enough of these.  I really have to force myself to plan them into the calendar, and have got much better at it over time.

What’s great about this time of year is that we are forced to stop. Over Christmas and New Year most places close up shop.  It’s a time to be with your family and stop all the busyness and craziness which builds up towards the end of the year. This “forced time off” is a great refresher as we prepare to start the year ahead and I have often found that in such a space, I have room to think. The space allows me to create and innovate, to think, reflect and plan…

It has allowed me time to get off the high speed ride I am on and ask myself some questions, like:

What did I do really well this year? What has been the highlight?
What do I really want?  Where do I want to go in the year ahead?
Who do I want and need with me on the journey?

But reflection is not just for New Year’s resolutions.  It is something I like to do almost every day by asking myself, “What is working, what isn’t working and what would I do differently?” This way we have a much better chance of getting on the right course than waiting until the end of the year and thinking, “Crap! How did I end up here?”

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