Guest Jules Bruff – How Her Movie, Helped Her Cope With Depression

Guest Jules Bruff – How Her Movie, Helped Her Cope With Depression

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She’s absolutely right; life doesn’t have to be this sad, hard and lonely.  When you’re inside that dark place it is hard to remember this, but there is help and tons of great research and advice out there. What have you found that helps?  I can’t wait to share this inspiring and insightful interview into clinical depression from the perspective of my guest, Jules Bruff. 

Jules Bruff is an award winning actress and filmmaker.  Suffering from depression since her early 20’s, she has decided to share her story despite the fact there is still a stigma attached to depression.  In our interview, she talks about Part Time Fabulous, a movie she made on the topic of depression and how it helped her cope with her own depression.  You can watch the trailer, buy the movie and find links to more resources on their website,

Meeting Jules who is so vivacious and fun, you would never imagine that she suffers from clinical depression.  It was a great reminder that we never know what’s really going on with someone or how they may be hurting.  It’s important to check in with family and friends and pay attention.  Don’t miss this exclusive interview, coming soon to Kirsty TV.

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