Guest Sue Wong, Fashion Designer – Rags To Riches

Guest Sue Wong, Fashion Designer – Rags To Riches

Guest Sue Wong Early Years

My guest, Sue Wong is an internationally recognized fashion designer who’s designs are sold in 27 countries around the world.  Her story is a true rags to riches story.  Growing up in communist China and escaping at age 6 with her mother she came to America the land of opportunity where she became a self made multi millionaire.

‘As the vivacious and captivating Sue Wong herself proclaims: “I am a maximalist. I gravitate toward a fantasy aesthetic in how women present themselves, with refreshing modern frankness, because it’s the opposite of what I grew up with.  “At the age of six, Sue and her mother narrowly escaped communist China and its purges.  They joined her father in Los Angeles and Sue became intoxicated by everything that shaped Hollywood Style: the slinky seductresses of the precode silver screen, the decadence of Welmar Berlin, the fervor of Jazz Age Manhattan, the exotic intrigue of 1930s Shanghai, the heady excitement of bohemian Paris – all inspire her life and inform her work.’

I recently visited her offices and showrooms a buzz with girls, gowns and sequins. It is quite incredible the number of staff it takes to run her global operations. She has achieved extraordinary success and continues to be very hands on with every aspect of her business.

The house of Sue Wong is known for technical excellence as well as ornate and intricate detailing.  Her garments are meticulously and lovingly hand beaded, embroidered and finished by true artisans, employing techniques that were once only practiced in the couture houses of Europe.  Her attention to detail and her garment cut are unsurpassed by her competitors.

If you want to see some extraordinary fashion images, check out her Facebook page.  I was visually blown away by her work.

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