Vodka For Breakfast

Vodka For Breakfast

Allan Talks About His Alcoholism on KirstyTV

Having his first drink at age 16, Allan’s social drinking escalated over the years to a full blown drinking problem. By age 35, he was an alcoholic. His alcoholism lasted just over a decade. In our interview, Allan admits that at the height of his addiction, he would wake up and need a vodka orange for breakfast.

Anyone can be an alcoholic. Does it surprise you to learn that well-educated people are more likely to drink than less-educated people? And that wealthy people are more likely to drink than lower income people? Many people assume that the opposite would be true. But white-collar workers can be alcoholics as well as blue-collar workers. Professional people, laborers, the unemployed, all can be alcoholics.

I am incredibly grateful for how open Allan was in this interview. His willingness to share his story ‘warts and all’ was astounding. Alcoholism is not a pretty disease and I am sure that wasn’t easy for him to do.

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