What Do You Use To Numb? Really Think About It …

What Do You Use To Numb? Really Think About It …

Kouch Time Discussion On Addiction

Many of us do this without even being aware that we do. Reflect on your thoughts. When you’re stressed, angry or tense, do you find yourself wishing for a cigarette, a cup of coffee, a drink, a pill or a chocolate bar? Do you find yourself rationalizing your use of any addictive substances? Could you be using alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, alcohol or drugs to cut yourself off from your feelings?

We all do this! Sometimes we avoid our pain and anxieties for so long that our numbing can get out of control.  My good friend Allan sat down with me to share his story on alcohol abuse. He would use drinking to feel “normal.”  Watch this sneak peek of my interview with him where he tells me in detail what he would do to numb. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on numbing. Share your thoughts below. 

For more on this addiction, visit www.psychalive.org.

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