Strip Clubs: Preferred Over Fine Arts In America

Strip Clubs: Preferred Over Fine Arts In America

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I just read this statistic aloud to my good friend. They giggled and said, “That’s funny, slash sad.”  I then proceeded to tell him a couple more; there are 5,000 strip clubs in America ( and 9 out of 10 strippers will be assaulted AT LEAST once while at work ( “Damn, that’s not cool,” he said. Nope, not cool at all.  

From an outsiders perspective, strip clubs can seem fun and wild but on the other side of the spectrum seedy, desperate or evil.  What are your thoughts on America’s top choice of stage performance?

My guest, author and ex-stripper, Christine Macdonald led a 9 year stripping career that began at age 19.  She is brave enough to share publicly, the nitty gritty details of her past on her popular blog,  An excerpt from her memoir, Pour Some Sugar On Me: Tales From an Ex-Stripper, has gotten over 15,000 views on Scribd.  Check it out and leave your comments below.  

Watch a clip from our exclusive interview on Kirsty TV on YouTube: Skin Disorder To Stripping.

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