Cover Girl Dreams

Cover Girl Dreams

Kirsty Spraggon Cover Girl on Y Magazine

Every girl dreams of being a cover girl and THIS girl is so honored to be on the cover of this month’s Y Magazine. ‘YMag is an online global magazine, featuring the YOU & ME of the Business world.’ Their article featured my dream to become a talk show host and the  journey I’ve taken to make it happen. I’ve read the article and it’s amazing how a 1-hour phone conversation gave the journalist enough material to encapsulate my story. It’s my journey in a nutshell! So cool! It’s a piece I can hold onto and look back years from now to reflect on the risks and rewards of this time in my life. When you go, go, go, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come.  

This is an excerpt from the article:


‘Hollywood is paved with the stories of Aussie’s who have travelled abroad to make it big.  Tales of arduous years before hitting the big time are folklore among the ex-pats who now call LA home.  Whether it’s Naomi Watts or the nameless face waiting tables in-between auditions, there’s one thing they have in common; the stop at nothing determination shared as they pursue their dream, their Y

Kirsty Spraggon is another Aussie who has given up a comfortable life in Australia in order to pursue her dream.’ 

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