Shark Attack Videos

Shark Attack Videos - Warning, Contains Scenes of a Graphic Nature

In this actual video footage taken just moments after a shark attack. Paul de Gelder a Navy Clearance Diver talks about how there was no time for fear during the attack and how he had to make split second choices. Paul’s shark attack story starts when he left the Australian Army to join the Navy Clearance Team. He was at the Sydney Harbor, working on a counter terrorism exercise, in the water when he felt a huge whack on his leg. He was face to face with the shark, making eye contact when he realized that the shark had both his right leg and arm pinned in it’s jaws.  

WARNING: The following video contains very graphic photos from the actual shark attack and are graphic in nature. The images may cause nausea and discomfort to some.  


To watch my interview with Paul which does not contain graphic images, click here: Shark Attack Videos and Interview

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