Break This Rule At Work

Break This Rule At Work



You’ve heard, “Don’t mix business with pleasure”. Those who were brought up in the sales industry 20 years ago were trained not to do business with friends. I like to break those rules because what has worked really well for me has been mixing business with pleasure and doing business with friends. We know all the psychology reports suggest we do business with people we like. That doesn’t mean they have to be like us. We have a lot of relationships with people that are not similar to us, but we like them. They challenge us and inspire us because we are so different. Fundamentally it comes down to finding a human connection with people. Something happens when you are out there connect with someone over a cup of coffee. I love having my meetings going out playing some sport or going out for a lunch. They will open up in their conversation, opening up and sharing more of who they are while you better understand their needs.  

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Kirsty Spraggon is a relationship building expert that assists you to increase, your sales, networks and connections for life & business success.

With 15 years experience in every facet of the sales industry. Her outstanding career saw her ranked in the top 1 percent of individuals in RE/MAX’s global network of 121,000 sales agents worldwide.

Her business grew by 20% to 50% annually with over 80% being repeat or referral clients due to her “customer for life” philosophy. With an extensive knowledge of the sales industry and extraordinary networking skills, she has an ability to connect with people and build lifetime relationships. ‘High-touch’ personal marketing has always been her style. These skills, combined with her passion for personal transformation, have led to her business growth at warp speed.

Kirsty believes “experiences” are everything and has crammed an incredible amount into her 32 years: living in 5 cities; traveling to over 40 countries; swimming with sharks; tracking mountain gorillas and volunteering in Africa to name just a few.

Kirsty’s sessions are energetic, dynamic and inspiring. She is easy to work with on and off the platform and will be a fabulous contribution to your next event.

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