Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross & His Journey Living Solely On Juice For 60 Days

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross & His Journey Living Solely On Juice For 60 Days



Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross talks about his journey of living solely on juice for 60 days. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary which has now been seen by millions of people worldwide. In this interview, Joe reveals the ups and downs of the 60-day juice fast that saved his life. He’s recently published everything he’s learned in a step-by-step guide to transforming your life through the power of juice: The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet

Joe was obese and sick when he decided to take drastic measures and film himself as he went on a journey across the US to heal himself and in the process, lose over 100 pounds. He spent 60 days living solely on juice!

I asked him what caused him to go to such extremes. “I needed to fight fire with fire. I was in an extreme position, I needed to do something extreme.” Joe had an autoimmune disease–essentially, chronic hives.  “I think the number that stood out to me was that 70% of all disease is caused by lifestyle choices.” Once he learned that, he realized that his odds of getting well were quite high. He set out to find out of his lifestyle choices were causing his disease. 

Juicing Weightloss  Juicing Weightloss

Day 1 of his 60-day juice fast wasn’t’ hard. Day 2 and 3 is where the challenge started. It was a mental and physical strain, but he never feared for his life. He didn’t juice to lose weight, he just wanted to get well. Today, Joe Cross is fully healed from his disease and doesn’t require medicine. He hasn’t been sick in 6 years! 

“For me it’s not about every meal being perfect. It’s not about every day being perfect. I look at it like over a week, how have I gone? I try to live by 50% of my calories coming from plants and 50% coming from the “fun part of town” which is animal product and processed food. I’m not perfect. I look at myself as a work in progress. I’m trying every day to get as many plants into my body as possible. Some days I’m really good at it, sometimes I’m not. I don’t beat myself up about it. I’m going to be alive tomorrow to fight another day.”

Joe Cross Juicing

I asked Joe, “Who are you because of this journey?” He explained, “Well, I think I’m a happier person. I think I’m a more calm, friendlier person. I think that the way I would describe it is that I think that at the end of the day it’s about love. I think that there’s two great love affairs that we need to have in our lives. That many of us aren’t having because I look out there and I see so many people that are hurting and are in pain. Those two love affairs are… one is with mother nature and with plants–we have to love our plants; if we love them, they’ll love us–and the other is with ourselves.” 

Joe talks about being thankful for his disease. “I realized that I was lucky that my disease actually manifested itself on the outside. What if my disease was just manifesting itself in my kidneys or my heart or my brain and it didn’t have any physical symptoms? So I was thankful that my illness showed itself. It reared its ugly head. Because that made life uncomfortable, that made life miserable. That allowed me to take action. So, I kind of went from thinking it was the worst thing that ever happened to me to understanding and appreciating that it was probably the best.” 

“When I travel around the world today and I get stopped by random people in the streets and they come up and show me their before and after photo… tell me about their incredible success. I’m always reminded that if I hadn’t got sick, this conversation would never be happening, so that’s a truly special thing.”

I asked Joe Cross, “What did you learn about yourself that you didn’t know before?” He has a saying, “You don’t learn anything new, you just remember what you forgot.” He feels that we inherently know what’s right and wrong. We know the answers to these big questions. 

Joe Cross and Kirsty Spraggon

As you see, rebooting is easier than you think. Maybe you’ll see me going on a juice fast in the coming week! Transformation is completely possible.

Visit Joe’s website: fatsickandnearlydead.com

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