Stop Cutting and Self Harm – How She Overcame Self Hate

Stop Cutting and Self Harm – How She Overcame Self Hate



Cutting and self harm. How to stop cutting and other advice from our guest who overcame self hate and self harm. My guest, Stephanie grew up in a troubled environment with a mom who was a prostitute and a father, her pimp. By eleven years old, both of her parents had passed away. She started cutting at just 8 years old as a means to cope with all of the trauma in her life.
She sits down to answer some common questions:
What are some of the ways that you avoid cutting?
What do you think is important for people who are cutting to know?
What were the things that helped the most when you first set out to stop cutting?
To watch our first interview where she tells her story, click here: Cutting and Self Harm: Her Story
The Extraordinary Power of Self Love
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