Trading Your Awful Past for a Beautiful Future

Trading Your Awful Past for a Beautiful Future



Forgiving those who hurt you is a powerful healing act of grace. Author and Founder of The Teen Project, Lauri Burns shares her powerful story about forgiving her physically abusive father who put her through turmoil. By her teenage years, she found herself spiraling down a road of drugs and dangerous behavior. By 19 years old, she was working the streets as a prostitute and addicted to heroine. Now 27 years sober, she has completely turned her life around and shares her story with us.

“Punished for a Purpose best represents my life because as a child I thought God was punishing me for something I did in a past life. He must hate me. But as an adult, where I stand now, it looks like a blessed life. I would do it all again.”

When I asked her about the key piece to her healing, she replied, “A key piece to my healing was of course the healing of my relationship with my father. To realize that your parents are humans that may have been a child at one point that was never helped. And if they were a child that was never helped, they are going to grow into a broken adult.”

She went on to say one of the most profound truths about love, “The most powerful kind of love is that which is undeserved.”

Lauri Burns on KirstyTV

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