Full Circle Healing: One Woman’s Forgiveness Heals Generations in Her Family

Full Circle Healing: One Woman’s Forgiveness Heals Generations in Her Family

Healing often has a domino effect. This series of interviews shares the remarkable stories of two women who have been affected by each other and are spreading the healing in their family and beyond. Simply amazing.


Lauri Burns grew up in turmoil and in an extremely physically abusive home. By her teenage years, she found herself spiraling down a road of drugs and dangerous behavior. By 19 years old, she was working the streets as a prostitute and addicted to heroine. Now 27 years sober, she has completely turned her life around and shares her story with us. 


Lauri Burns shares her powerful story about forgiving her physically abusive father who put her through turmoil. 

When I asked her about the key piece to her healing, she replied, “A key piece to my healing was of course the healing of my relationship with my father. To realize that your parents are humans that may have been a child at one point that was never helped. And if they were a child that was never helped, they are going to grow into a broken adult.”

She went on to say one of the most profound truths about love, “The most powerful kind of love is that which is undeserved.”


Continue watching Lauri’s incredible story of a troubled youth that lead her from prostitution to heroine use and Stefanie’s story of  her traumatic childhood that drove her to cutting. Here now as mother and daughter since Lauri became Stefani’s foster mom, we’re talking about the foster care system and their experience with it all. 


Cutting and how she overcame her traumatic past that lead her to self hate. Stephanie’s story give us a look at why people cut and how she found healing within herself to change her life. 


Stefanie and I continue the conversation about self-harm and in particular, cutting. In the last 10 years, it appears that cutting has increasingly become a coping mechanism for adolescents. She tells us how she overcame cutting and other healing insights about self-injury.

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