I Am Depressed. What Should I Do?

I Am Depressed. What Should I Do?



“I am depressed. What should I do?” is a common question I receive in emails from viewers. I also get thank you notes from viewers who’ve benefited from our depression and self-esteem. Depression is one of those topics that often people do not want to talk about, but it’s the very thing that will help people who struggle with depression. At any place in the mental health spectrum, wether it’s mild OCD or bipolar disease, the question is the same; How can I beat depression?  

Some of my guests have shared some amazing insights that I found really helpful. Jules Bruff who shared her personal story—at first not wanting to admit that she was depressed and eventually getting the help that she needed. 

I'm depressed. Help. "It takes more strength to talk about it than to hide it." - KirstyTV

“I was feeling alone and down and sometimes like there wasn’t any hope. I kept it quiet and secret. It was embarrassing. “ Jules felt that she didn’t have any reason to be depressed and was afraid to show that side of herself to the world. The first step to overcoming depression is acknowledging that you are depressed and need help. She says, “Life does not need to be this sad and hard and lonely.”


Another wonderful guest, Ross Szabo was dealing with being bipolar in destructive ways. He was smashing his knuckles, suicidal, not knowing what to do with his hallucinations. He shared a way forward that worked for him. “How do I recognize these hallucinations? How do I balance my anger so that I’m not continuing to break my knuckles and toes, and scream at people? The key for me was to have the disciple and the vulnerability to look at where those things were coming from and not shy away from them.”


There is hope and light at the end at what can seem like a really dark tunnel. I sat down with some of my favorite people on the couch, at Kouchtime and discussed depression. And then we sat down with an Expert, Happiness Expert, Lisa Cypers Kamen who shared her insight into strategies of moving forward from depression. She explains, “If you don’t capture some happiness in the present moment, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So we’re talking about teaching skills that really help sustain well-being.” 


If you’re stuck and not knowing how to move forward on of the first steps is reaching out for help. Write to us, tweet us, share what’s going on and build a community around yourself. 


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