4 Epiphanies That Change Lives For the Better

4 Epiphanies That Change Lives For the Better



Getting through tough times is much easier with a healthy perspective. Watch 4 guests share the epiphanies and turning points that helped get them through the hard times. 

My favorite part of all of my interviews is when my guests share the turning point that changed their lives and got them into a happy place again. I get to hear what it was that made them shift their view of the world, changed their thinking, and helped them go from darkness into light. 

Listen to Ross Szabo talk about how he overcame his bipolar disease, his alcoholic, and self destructive behavior. He had to change in order to save his life. 

My Bipolar Disorder Story

Watch Stefanie tell us how she got through the tough time as a teen cutter. Her story is inspiring!

Cutting Self Injury

Pamela talks to us about grieving her husband and the profound pivotal moment that got her through that terribly breaking and hard time. 

Pamela Burrus and David

And Peggy, a little person, who overcame the depression and suicidal thoughts.

Peggy O'neill

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