Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour

Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour


Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour did not disappoint. The energy was electric and infectious. The crowd wen’t absolutely wild as she rose from the ground up on to the stage, rock star style. Epic would be too small a word.  

Kirsty Spraggon

It is difficult to find the right words to describe the emotions I felt entering the arena. I almost wanted to weep. It was awe-inspiring to see what one person could create. Can you imagine filling an arena full of people all there to hear you speak? Ten thousand people to be exact! As I sat there I couldn’t help but dream bigger and think how I can’t wait for the day it’s my name on that stage.

Katy Perry’s Roar was playing. The audience was amped! It was the perfect set up for what was to be a transformational weekend.

Oprah Winfrey Tour Video

The energy in the room was infectious, the crowd went wild. See here how Oprah makes an entrance (click the image to watch the video)! Not only is she an amazing storyteller but the theatrics of the show were mind-blowing. There were so many small details that added to the experience from the song choices played to inspire and motivate us like ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips to the wristbands we all wore that lit up the room just like the stars to which she referred. The opening night had us all on a high that left us barely able to sleep.

The main takeaways from Oprah’s talk.

She began with the question, “What are YOU here for? What have YOU been called to do?” And then began to share how she had figured that out for herself. She said, “Listen to the whispers of your life, they’re telling you something,” and that when you don’t listen, you will likely get hit with a brick wall to wake you up. She spoke of how in her own journey she often ignored them at first or didn’t trust them and she now realizes how important it is to trust your inner knowing–“that feeling” that you get.

One of my favorite quotes from Oprah was, “Create the highest, grandest vision for your life. Then let every step move you in that direction.”

Deepak Chopra Oprah's Life You Want

On day 2, Deepak Chopppraaaaaaah was up! Someone I have read and listened to hundred’s of times. He was on stage with Oprah, so we got a Chopra-Oprah moment. The most incredible moment was to sit in a room with 10,000 people and be still. The guided meditation was something I’ll never forget. The collective energy is a magical moment we all should get to experience.

For me, Deepak’s session was a reminder to, “…look at the world as a reflection of your inner self, every moment is a reflection of you,” so go within. He spoke on the state of the world today, a world full of fear and violence and shared that he believes it is a “…reflection of our collective experience,” and the only way to shift it is to shift the worlds collective awareness. He explained that we must all do our bit.

After the weekend, I am committed to creating a daily ritual of starting the day with a meditation even if it is just 5 minutes to set clear intentions for the day and what I want to create in my world and in the world.

Oprah Life You Want Weekend Video

Not only did we meditate together, but we had dance parties and workouts! Here we are working out soul cycle style. Do you feel that? Click the image to watch the video! We are raising the roof! This is how you do a conference Oprah style! You workout with 10,000 people and you make the room vibrate!!!!!

We also heard from incredible speakers like Rob Bell, Iyanla Vanzant, and Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat Pray Love. Each of them with their own drops of wisdom. Each moving and touching our hearts in different ways. Elizabeth reminded me once again how incredible the adventure can be when you head off into the unknown. When your courageous enough to go on your own “heroes’ journey”.

I also got to meet some of the amazing Oprah Team members who make things happen like Maya Watson & Sheri Salata, someone I have admired for years. Sheri was Oprah’s producer for almost 20 years and is now the co president of the OWN network. I also got to meet her co president Erik Logan who has said he would love to come and be interviewed on KirstyTV which was a super exciting moment!

Oprah's Life You Want Tour Blog

So after 2 life-changing days, and hours after the event, my bracelet continued to randomly glow just like I was. I think Oprah was sending signals to me directly in, “Beam me up Scottie,” fashion. It’s been beautiful in so many ways. What memories we created this past 2 days! Not only was the conference incredible, but the opportunity to share it with 20 of my friends and 10,000 new friends was amazing. It’s something we will all remember. Many KirstyTV guests were also attending, such as Paolo, Mia and Renee Lawless from Tyler Perrys’ OWN Drama series the ‘Have’s & Have Nots’. It was so fun to share the experience together.

Starbucks Oprah Chai

Well the morning after The Life You Want Tour, we were all having Oprah withdrawals. I was wearing my Life You Want Tour shirt and drinking an ‘Oprah chai’ which made me feel that we were still all together. I have so many wonderful reminders and lessons that I will take with me and friends that I have made for life. I will continue to percolate on the learnings and share them with you all. kx