Follow Your Vision – Trust Your Instincts



I followed my vision even though I didn’t know where it was leading. How I started an online talk show that helps people all over the world find healing.  

Today we are going to turn the tables around on me. Tania is one of my amazing and beautiful assistants who helps me with everything KirstyTV. In this video, she interviews me and asks me how the vision for KirstyTV started. The vision started with the fact that everyone has some adversity that they’ve gone through in their life. It really began with my own challenges in my life and wanting to feel less alone. I wanted to create a show with all of these stories to show people that they are not alone, they are not the only ones and there is always someone else who’s gone through it. 

The first day of shooting the show was the most beautiful day of my life. I imagine that’s what it’s like for other people when they meet their soulmate. It was as if the universe was giving me a big kiss. I felt so at home. I had always wondered why I was creating the show and had this dream until that first day of taping. My brother helped encourage me to film the show by suggesting we not wait and just shoot it! He was in film school, so we kicked our parents out of the house, he brought his film buddies, some film equipment, I interviewed friends and the show was born. They shared their stories with me and it was clear to me why I was given this dream to pursue. 

My assistant asked me when I’m my happiest. I am my happiest when we are creating content that is sharing those stories. After filming for the show, I’m left with a feeling of awe about my brave guests who open their hearts to share their stories that will help so many other people.

She asks how long it took for me to share my own story. Great question. It took me 18 years. That for me, is also why this show is so important. Because I don’t want anyone else to wait 18 years. I don’t want anyone else to think that they are alone for that long. Every guest that I have on the show, feels the same. They come on the show to tell their story because they also don’t want anyone else to wait and think that they are the only one. They don’t want people to think that there is no solution and no way forward. And that’s what I find most inspiring about my guests; they’ve all found a way to a turning point and healing. They not only share what happened, but also tools, tips, resources, strategies and hope! 

There has been a domino affect of healing since the show has been online. Every week we get emails, Facebook messages, and tweets from people, who for the first time in a decade have realized that they can talk to someone and have done so. I share these notes with my guests with whom I keep in touch. I’ve become friends with most of them, actually. I love letting them know the ripple effect of healing they’ve done in the world. 

Follow your vision, trust your instincts! What your vision for 2015? Post your vision below.

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