Sales Calls Increase Business in 5 Days!


I want to share with you one quick tip. It’s something that you can apply to your business straight away. Get back to the basics when it comes to following up. Often we meet tons of people throughout the year. We network or meet, but we aren’t disciplined about our follow-up.

This year, my sales buddies helped keep me accountable to making 7 sales calls a day, 5 days a week. By the end of the first week, I had to slow down to 4 sales calls per day! I could barely keep up with the amount of work that was generated and was spending an average of 30 minutes per sales call. Who could believe that these busy business people wanted to spend 30 minutes chatting with me on the phone!

Not only that, but following up with them on the things we discussed during our initial sales call was taking me an additional half hour to an hour. The results have been astounding, so I encourage all of you to get back to basics. To pick up the phone, make your sales calls, to not just meet people and network, but to go back to those people months later and follow up.

I hope that helps you. I look forward to sharing more great ideas!



I previously have spoken on the importance of discipline around our sales process. That means, getting on the phone, making 7 sales calls a day, religiously for 5 days a week.

Since, I’ve had people ask questions about building phone call rapport and sales. These are some of the things that came up about making sales calls that I want to share with you so that you can be successful.

Q – What if I haven’t spoken to them for a while?

A – Get over it! They’re not thinking about the time lapse. Just pick up the phone, express how you’ve been thinking about them and go from there.

Q – I’m afraid of the phone. What do I do?

A – At the end of the day, it doesn’t get easier unless you do it. Practice makes perfect, so start making your sales calls and be disciplined about it. Remember that you are just connecting with people! We do business with people we like. So spend the time getting to know them. You don’t have to cut straight to the chase and make it all about business. Often I’m spending 20 – 40 minutes on the phone because we are spending the time connecting on something that we did the time before. I’ll lead in with that and then I’ll reconnect, asking them about this year and current events in their lives to figure out how I can add value.

Also remember that you can’t make an impression if you are coming from a place of depression, flatness, or fear! Get into a good, energetic, fresh state of mind and pick up the phone.

Another great thing to do to start off the conversation is ask, “Have I caught you at a good time?” before you launch into things. You can always reschedule the call for another time.

I hope that these tips help you with your sales calls.

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