KirstyTV Marathon


KirstyTV Twitter Party

The KirstyTV Marathon kicks off this week! I cannot express the excitement as we approach half a million views on YouTube! Thank you for being a viewer, supporter, friend, and for spreading the healing stories that our guests share on KirstyTV! YOU ARE AMAZING! Let’s get this party started!

WATCH: Below is a list of the videos on the marathon schedule, but by all means, watch them in any order and watch any of the videos on our KirstyTV YouTube channel. Each view and share helps us toward our goal.

PARTY: Join us on Twitter for a KirstyTV Marathon Twitter Party on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 7pm PST and use the hashtag, #KirstyTVMarathon. Guests from the show will be live tweeting with us and viewers from all over the world!

KirstyTV Marathon Goal: 500,000 VIEWS!


We are kicking off the KirstyTV Marathon with 10 of our most viewed interviews to date.  At almost 95K views, watch and share Petra’s story of how she escaped human trafficking at 16 years old. Bringing awareness to all of us, saving other women from a similar fate.

1. Petra – Human Trafficked After Being Kidnapped – 94,388 views

Raped by over 40 men as a teen. Petra tells her story of kidnap & the strength it took to escape & heal.



2. Mia – Life in a Wheelchair – 43,862 views

Mia Schaikewitz is a reality TV star. Her story of overcoming paralysis and living her best life!



3. Joe – Juicing Tips From Joe Cross of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – 30,821 views

Joe cures himself of chronic disease, loses 100 lbs by juicing. See the before and after photos!



4. Kirsty – Kirsty Spraggon Shares Her Pretty Little Secret – 34,576 views

“My desire to heal was greater than my fear.” Here I am releasing the fear of my 18 year secret.



5. Maxine – My Double Mastectomy: Breast Cancer Survivor – 9,937 views

Maxine Devereaux showed the world her scars, after having her breasts removed. Beyond inspiring!



6. Ross – The Truth About Depression, Suicidal Thoughts and Bipolar Disorder. – 9,346 views

“The hallucinations are not something you forget.” Ross Szabo explains what it’s like to be bipolar.



7. Michelle – 9/11 Survivor Was in Tower II of the World Trade Center  – 8,444 views

Michelle Rosado’s talks about escaping from the Twin Towers on 9/11.



8.  Shannon -100 Pound Weight Loss Journey – Before and After Transformation – 8,060 views

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting Shannon Hammer was finally able to lose over 100 lbs. How she did it.



9. Ken – Living With HIV – A Positive Diagnosis His Story  –  6546 views

“HIV can be scary if you let it scare you, but I’m not scared anymore.” Ken Williams tells his story.



10. Paulo – How Oprah Changed Paolo’s Life – Coming Out Gay and Living His Dream – 4,892 views

Oprah was the catalyst, but Paolo had to put in the work to create the life he wanted.