How to Move Forward in Life

How to Move Forward in Life


Move forward in life and look forward to your new future! Isn’t bouncing back after things go wrong key? But often when something tragic happens, such as disability, trauma, loss of a partner, and grief, people wish for their “old life” back. Time and time again, my guests share that what helped them move past their hardships was not yearning for their past life, but bouncing forward toward the future.

Sam Cawthorn, Author of Bouncing Forward, was one of those guests that shared this insight, “I think everything is choice—everything is choice! It is your decision, not your condition. It’s your attitude, not your condition.”

Pamela Burrus who lost her husband also shared this philosophy of having to move forward in life and accept that things were never going to go back to how they were. “I needed to accept that it had happened and that my life as it was, was never going to be that way ever again. We stay with what was and then we suffer even more. Acceptance is key and then really being authentic with your grief.”

Mia Schaikewitz who is in a wheelchair, also shared this philosophy of bouncing forward in life. “I really speak to that “darkness to light”. I think every single person has those moments where they’re in the dark and they don’t see the light. And they can stay that way, but that’s the opportunity to be able to go into the light and really feel a difference.”

No matter where you are in your life today, accept that you are where you are. And instead of wanting to go back to where it was, think about how amazing your future can be and go and move forward.

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