Oprah’s Office Visit At OWN Network

Oprah’s Office Visit At OWN Network

Oprah’s office at the OWN Network and a visit on a Friday night….wow! I’m still coming down from Cloud 9. This weekend was non-stop fun! So what happened….we’ll I met this amazing community on twitter and friendships grew with a community of like-minded people who also love all things O (especially her private office) and support her beautiful vision that is her new network OWN. So fast forward 5 years and they decided to fly into L.A and created a weekend retreat for ‘OWN ambassadors‘ which started off with going to tour the OWN network. Oprah’s team of people could not have been more gracious or created a more fun experience for us. We were really just happy to check out their digs but they went above and beyond to make it the most wonderful experience.

On arrival, they had a special ‘welcome’ posted on the live screens in the lobby.

OWN network lobby.
Oprah’s Offices & OWN network lobby.

We then proceeded to have a guided tour, receive goodie bags and champagne to top it off. Now let me share with you how beautiful these offices were. I don’t think I have been to a corporate space that was more beautiful, uplifting and empowering. Every corner was filled with quotes, gorgeous imagery, nature, love, history. For example, the original Oprah audience chairs are in one area, large images with guest and famous friends are on the walls, one boardroom table had moss inside the glass and another is covered in photos of Oprah with guests from the show and lacquered.

OWN network, Oprah offices.
OWN network, Oprah offices.
Oprah’s offices at OWN

We had all had such fun and were content to head home but no the surprises continued. Oprah was off filming but took the time to record a lil video where she mentioned us each by name!

I tell you your heart skips a beat when Oprah says ‘OMG Kirsty’s there’.

Then just as we were winding up the event, we get word that Oprah has called to check on us and has given her team instructions to allow us to finish the tour with a look in her private office.  Now half her team have not even been in there and this really was such a special honor and privilege to be allowed into such a personal space.

As I walked into Oprah’s office I soaked it all in.

The private photos and personal mementos, the room was as large as my living room and kitchen combined. The color choices, the fabrics, the artwork…every detail was so beautiful. I don’t want to share the details of specific items that were in there as it really felt very private and it was an honor to be allowed to be in there at all but what I will say is, it was very personalized and man does she have a lot of books!

OWN network Oprah’s offices.OWN Ambassadors

OWN Ambassadors

So thank you to Oprah Winfrey, her superstar team headed by the gorgeous Maya Watson and to everyone who shared this moment with me this past weekend and were a part of making it happen.

Thankyou to everyone who co-ordinated the chaos of managing a group from all over the US coming together.

It was such a wonderful moment I will treasure forever. So many great memories were made together over the weekend with new and old friends.

Please check out the OWN channel and you can watch much of it online now too. My favorite is Super Soul Sunday an Emmy award winning show. kx

Watch the personal video Oprah recorded for us here.

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