If you want to release stress & anxiety, boost your immune system and help regulate your nervous system or are feeling stuck in some area of your life, then this event is for you.

“After the event, I felt whole and put back together. Like pieces of my soul that were left behind for years were brought back into my life! ”

Depending on where in the world you will be tuning in from, it will depend on what  TIMEZONE you’re joining us in so PLEASE scroll down below for more info.






Each week will be a 30-minute action-packed live experience where we will discuss a different part of how to release what we store as microtrauma in the body from the collective issues going on in the world and our own journey. We will share easy to use experiential modalities live on the call like EFT (tapping), Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Vision Quests just to name a few.

The event starts in Los Angeles 7pm PST Tuesday evenings starting on June 23rd.

Sydney Australia that will be Wednesday June 24th at 12 noon lunch time . When you purchase a ticket you will be sent the zoom link and instructions. We will be live for 30 minutes once a week for 4 weeks to help you clear & release.

Just some of the benefits of this type of release work are:

– Activates the Higher States of Consciousness

– Unlocks Blocked Emotions

– Relieves Anxiety, Fear and Stress

– Induces Complete Relaxation

– Promotes Deep Meditation

– Heightens Clarity

– Improves Ability to Concentrate

– Relieves Insomnia

– Decreases Depression

– Relieves Physical Pain

– Release Emotional Trauma

– Counteracts negative thinking.

“I closed my eyes and let Kirsty’s voice guide me, I was taken back to events in my past that Kirsty helped me uncover that showed me a connection that my conscious self had not been able to do alone. Whilst she was physically on the other side of the world it was like she was there with me and I felt safe to be vulnerable with my fear and start to move forward to a place of acceptance.” KM

Come join us for this sacred global ceremony with people LIVE across the planet tuning in to release what’s no longer serving them. We will be on a zoom call so you can see me on video and chat in the box. All the work is done internally, you don’t need to share anything unless you choose to.


Los Angeles 7pm PST Tuesday evenings starting on June 23rd.

Sydney Australia that will be Wednesday June 24th at 12 noon lunch time

New York 10pm EST 

Perth, Australia 10am 

Things people have shared after experiencing this work;

‘I feel like 17 years of baggage was just lifted off my shoulders’.

‘I gained clarity on what has been holding me back’.

‘All of a sudden there was a pinprick of light that grew until it was like I was floating comfortably amongst the universe looking at distant stars. Tears still rolling down my face’.



Mr Oils of DoTerra is a proud sponsor of this event and will be sharing a lil of their healing properties.








In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way in Kirsty Spraggon’s event, I, understand and expressly agree that if I attend the ONLINE GLOBAL EVENT I am acknowledging the following and accepting full responsibility of the following:

(1) There exists a risk of physical, mental, psychological or emotional injury from the activities involved in this program, and although personal discipline or compliance with the guidance of Kirsty Spraggon and her employees, agents, representatives, team members may reduce this risk, the risk of such injury nevertheless does exist.

(2) I know, understand and acknowledge that Kirsty Spraggon and her employees, agents, representatives and team members are NOT physicians, psychologists, or healthcare professionals, and the Breathwork being offered is NOT intended to treat or diagnose, and does NOT include treatment for or diagnosis of, any illnesses, disease or disorders, whether physical, mental, psychological or emotional.

(3) I promise, represent and certify that I am in good health physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, and fully understand and acknowledge that if I were not in such good health, I would not be permitted to partake in the Breathwork.