Truth Telling For Truth Seekers Deep Dive – September 14th Los Angeles


Discover how embracing your fears, trusting yourself to feel what you need to heal and going toe-to-toe with your most profound truths can transform your life. All while laughing, learning and stretching yourself.

The entire agenda will be built around assisting you to go deeper. How and what that will look like will take you trusting Kirsty to create an intimate, experiential, restorative & immersive day.

Will begin the day by reconnecting body, mind and soul with a guided meditation session. The day will then combine workshop speaking, deep dive activities, q & a and will wrap with a powerful release through drumming, toning & breathwork.

I’d call Kirsty’s work more of a revival! 

An awakening of body, mind and spirit!

 It was truly invaluable to the people who attended our retreat.


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Is this for you?

* You know you need to move forward, however, fear is holding you back.

* You are seeking to find answers to inner questions.

* You desire to trust life more deeply.

* You desire radical shifts and healing so that positive new beginning can occur.

What the day will focus on –

1. Release years of fear, stress and any anxieties holding you back to being in the flow with the universe.

2. Replace fear, uncertainty & confusion with deep trust.

3. Discover what it feels like to surrender deeply & awaken to the whispers of your soul

4. Set yourself free & experience deep healing, leaving lighter than you came in.

What can you expect from this full-day experience? You can expect to walk away feeling more connected to your true self, to experience deep transformation and healing,  to connect deeply with new friends in the room, to laugh, learn, cry and get some answers to the questions you may not even realize you have. 

Kirsty is one of the most sought after international inspirational speakers. She is a truth-teller, connector and a powerful storyteller with the rare ability to both move audiences and leaves them with actionable strategies that have life-changing results.

What Clients have To Say;  

Working with Kirsty was a powerful experience—she helped bring things to the surface that I thought I’d already dealt with, and had no idea was still having such a big impact on my day-to-day life.  Stan M


Kirsty is a remarkable force of healing and light. She held a sacred space for me whilst guiding a deeply personal journey. I don’t believe I could have gotten as deep as 20 years of therapy.   Barb P


How should you choose your healers? Look for the ones who have braved the path – not once, but many times before. Kirsty’s the kind of guide who will take you there when you’re ready, who will walk bravely into the darkness with you. Kirsty has the powerful capacity to hold space for the human experience to unfold, and she does so with love, grace, and empathy – allowing you to rest in the truth that you are worthy of healing and you are worthy of more. Healing is always about seeing and Kirsty does this with exceptional clarity. In 3 hours, I excavated profound memories that illuminated the system of trauma running my life and relationships. This realization has without a doubt changed my life. I witnessed how this shift in my energy opened up new ways of being in relationship to my life and myself almost immediately – and the transformation continues to reinvent my life weeks later. I’m grateful to Kirsty for being a light on my path of coming home to myself.   Katherine H

So put your soul on your agenda and join us September 14th

Venue –  TBA Westside near Brentwood.

Date – September 14th, 2019

Time – 10 am to 4 pm

Dress – Summer casual

Bring – yoga mat, blanket & pillow, notepad, pen & an open heart & mind.