Inspiration—The Transformational Power of Truth

Inspiration—The Transformational Power of Truth

“Embrace your fears and find your freedom.”

Discover how embracing your fears, trusting yourself to feel what you need to heal and going toe-to-toe with your most profound truths, can transform your life. All while laughing, learning and stretching yourself.

Research shows that one of the biggest fears that leaders have is ‘what will others think of me?’ This is a universal fear for human beings, often manifesting as a fear of being truly seen, an inability to show up fully, to be vulnerable, to take risks and causing people to disconnect, retreat, shrink and play small.
How can we lead others if we can’t lead ourselves? As Kirsty models so bravely for others, “You can’t go professionally where you won’t go personally.”

Key Learnings:

  • Understand that your desire to heal must be greater than your fear.
  • Learn how emotional vulnerability can strengthen relationships.
  • Stretch yourself and be willing to see things through a new lens.
  • Identify where fear may be holding you back.
  • Be cracked open to a new way of thinking about your truth.

“In my entire professional career I’m not sure I have seen anything so heartfelt, powerful and important. And she is stunningly brilliant as she truthfully and openly delivers her message.”

Linda Larson, CSP, CPAE