4 Epiphanies That Change Lives For the Better

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5pzZzlpm7k&list=PLQIikebAPmLXfBSdF6-wWrzcpt-4cS2zg&index=41[/youtube] [powerpress] Getting through tough times is much easier with a healthy perspective. Watch 4 guests share the epiphanies and turning points that helped get them through the hard times.  My favorite part of all of my interviews is when my guests share the turning point that changed their lives and got them into a happy place again. I get to hear what it was that made them shift their view of the world, changed their thinking, and helped them Read More

Video Sneak Peek – Putting Down The Bottle

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN80n8VTN6I&list=PLQIikebAPmLUxsO_Wt4h2R4fe47A_yq1V&index=6[/youtube] Meet my friend and guest, Allan Anderson.  I originally met Allan as my personal trainer, so when he opened up to me about his recovery as an alcoholic I was surprised because he is just so fit! What shocked me most was when he shared that he used to get up and have vodka and orange juice for breakfast everyday. It was almost like he was talking about someone else; one of his clients who lived an unhealthy lifestyle.  Read More

Vodka For Breakfast

Having his first drink at age 16, Allan’s social drinking escalated over the years to a full blown drinking problem. By age 35, he was an alcoholic. His alcoholism lasted just over a decade. In our interview, Allan admits that at the height of his addiction, he would wake up and need a vodka orange for breakfast. Anyone can be an alcoholic. Does it surprise you to learn that well-educated people are more likely to drink than less-educated people? And Read More