Retreats & Truth

Retreats & Truth

“Bringing your tribe together to connect in a deep and meaningful way”

When it comes to these deeper experiences, there is a huge difference between doing a linear keynote vs. facilitating inner change over a three day period, being intuitive and taking the group where they need to go. Kirsty is a master at creating and holding space for this deeper work and integrating simple, fun and dynamic forms of meditation, energetic healing techniques, potent storytelling and methods of expanding consciousness.

Kirsty Spraggon Breath Ceremony

The journey she takes you on during a retreat is one that gets to THE TRUTH of what’s keeping us stuck, sick, broke, you name it. She creates the necessary supportive container to generate a powerful experience of healing and release. Combining many of the key messages from her keynotes, she goes even deeper, allowing for deeper integration and processing of her material.

As a modern-day medicine woman who uses TRUTH as her healing salve, Kirsty brings an arsenal of healing tools and adaptive approaches to help you and your team tackle a range of real-life challenges. Here are just some of the modalities she works within retreats.

  • Meditation
  • Vision quest guided journeys
  • Shamanic drumming
  • Breathwork
  • Movement
  • Sound Healing (an additional option TBD).

“Kirsty is a deep, substantial & impactful speaker.  She modeled the depth we wanted to see from participants at our event.”

Traci Fenton, Founder + CEO, WorldBlu

“She was able to take the group to deep healing which impacts all those around us. Kind, vulnerable and truly passionate about helping others! Kirsty shared from her soul. She lead with vulnerability.”

YPO Certified Forum Facilitator – Patience Shutts

Retreats Kirsty Spraggon

“Her truth-telling retreat, radically changed my life for the better. After spending 2 days with her in Maui at a retreat for top performers I began my journey of working on myself personally & discovering my life’s purpose.”

Engel & Voelkers –  Stephanie Wilcox


“The Truth Teller (better known as Kirsty) took us on a journey at our last retreat that was unlike any other chapter event in my 5 year experience with EO. Less than 3 weeks after the event, I’m already seeing positive changes in both my personal and professional life and better accountability with my chapter peers who went on the journey with me.”

President DHD Films – Hussain Manjee