Mindfulness & Truth

Mindfulness & Truth

“Getting honest with ourselves about what needs to change”.

Are your staff tired, overworked, close to burning out? Are they constantly dealing with stress, living in fear and feeling overwhelmed? Mindfulness training is a staple of Fortune 500 companies, with research showing that practicing mindfulness can improve your focus, making you more productive and reducing stress levels.

To be mindful is to get still and be quiet with oneself, to get honest about the TRUTH of who we are and why we engage in certain habits & unhealthy behaviors. Being more mindful means a person can press pause when they are off-center, for example when they feel triggered in the workplace, allowing them to bring themselves back into alignment. 

Kirsty gives your attendees an experience like no other during the session where she facilitates a mini-meditation and teaches them certain breathing techniques.

Mindfullness keynote

This shows your people how quickly they can come back into alignment, rise above their primordial fight or flight system & leaving them FEELING less stressed and more focused by the end of her keynote.

Key Learnings:

  • Identify what your triggers are that lead you to feeling stressed & off focus.
  • Learn to operate from a place of calm, strength & rationale when communicating.
  • Understand when you are thrown out of alignment & how to get back into alignment.
  • Gain practical knowledge & tools to center yourself & be more mindful.
  • Develop your intuition & inner awareness.

“Her energy, positive motivation and interaction with attendees supported our mission for the conference – she is a real pro.”

Meeting Planners International – Director, Professional Development MPISCC

Meditation Speaker Kirsty Spraggon

An awakening of body, mind & spirit!  I’d call it more of a REVIVAL. It was truly invaluable to our attendees.

 BOMA Idaho

Mindfullness keynote

“Kirsty’s talk gave the entire audience permission to be vulnerable and powerful in equal measure.

 PTHP Founder – Perry Timms

Minfulness speaker kirsty spraggon