Motivation—Find Your Courage

Motivation—Find Your Courage

“It’s not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.”

Self awareness is the key to self mastery, dealing with change & achieving success. Having the courage to look within to overcome our fears and to climb our personal mountains takes work though. Self work. Yet many struggle to see which limiting beliefs, doubts & fears are holding them back, which skills they need to go to the next level or which weak links may need repairing so that they can be the most effective leader, sales person or business owner.

Kirsty believes that everyone is capable of doing something extraordinary in their lives and that the biggest obstacle to success is OURSELVES. Through moving stories and inspirational & practical examples, she gives everyone in the room a little courage, leaving them inspired, empowered and equipped to climb their own mountains.

Key Learnings:

  • Identify which barriers you are facing right now.
  • Learn how to find your ‘baseline’.
  • Understand how you can push through blockages.
  • Gain practical techniques to build your courage.
  • Be inspired and motivated to reach your fullest potential.

“It was the perfect start to an event on overcoming fear and leading through freedom. Kirsty’s talk gave the entire audience permission to be vulnerable and powerful in equal measure.”

Perry Timms, Founder & Director, PTHR