A truly powerful speaker makes people FEEL something to their core that shifts their perspective and creates real change. What Kirsty does is not always easy to put into words so below are some of her clients’ words showcasing the magic she creates on stage. Scroll down for her keynote topics.

ROI –The ROI has already exceeded our expectations. When your staff are buzzing 2 weeks after the event you know the speaker has had a deep and lasting impact. — you can take a great speaker like Kirsty to the bank!”  Chef’s ToolBox CEO.

EXPERIENTIAL –  “The perfect closing speaker!  She brought our entire conference theme to life. Her energy, positive motivation and interaction with attendees supported our mission for the conference – she is a real pro.” . Tammy Dickerson, Director, Professional Development, MPI (Note: This keynote included modalities including meditation, dance & breathing techniques)

EASY TO WORK WITH – Working with Kirsty is a meeting planner’s dream. She is professional, considerate of deadlines, thorough in her planning and preparation, as well as creative and highly flexible.” MH Event Management

REBOOKED – “What a thrill it was to have Kirsty back again and again to keynote at SIX of our Leadership Conferences! The standing ovation at the conclusion of her presentations was an indication that Kirsty was a giant success”. Director, Global Events – Natures Sunshine Products

BETTER EMPLOYEES “Kirsty’s keynotes translate to better employees because someone who is doing the work that Kirsty helps them to dig into becomes ‘complete’ with themself & they look for ways to elevate & celebrate each other’s accomplishments & promote teamwork. ALL OF THIS makes for happier employees with less attrition. This kind of leader is the kind that others want to follow and aspire to become. This drives and inspires greater commitment and loyalty.” Deb Lindegrin – Authentically Speaking

LASTING CHANGE –  “The Truth Teller aka Kirsty took us on a journey at our last 3-day retreat that was unlike any other in my 5-year experience with EO. Less than 3 weeks after the event, I’m already seeing positive changes in both my personal and professional life & better accountability with my chapter peers who went on the journey with me”. H.Manjee – EO Dallas Retreat


Virtual Events

In the current climate virtual events are more important than ever. I believe we have a deep responsibility to help our people to stay connected and to give them the coping skills needed to deal with such change and uncertainty. Click below to see a video where I talk more about this and read more about the topics that are most relevant for right now.

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Courage keynoteMotivation—Courage & Truth

Having the courage to look within, to overcome our fears & to climb our personal & professional mountains takes great vulnerability & personal leadership. Through moving stories & practical examples, Kirsty gives everyone in the room a little extra courage, leaving them inspired, empowered & equipped to climb their own mountains. 

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Transformation – Mindfulness & Truth

Are your staff tired, overworked, close to burning out? Are they constantly dealing with stress, living in fear and feeling overwhelmed? Mindfulness training is a staple of Fortune 500 companies, with research showing that practicing mindfulness can improve your focus, making you more productive and reducing stress levels.

To be mindful is to get still and be quiet with oneself, to get honest about the TRUTH of who we are and why we engage in certain habits & unhealthy behaviours. 

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Truth & Me Too KeynoteHeart Opening – Me Too & Truth

Interviewing truth-tellers for the past 10 years and working on her documentary ‘The Truth Teller Project’, has given Kirsty a unique perspective on TRUTH. Capturing emotionally raw and powerful stories of those who have endured some of the worst kinds of sexual abuse, risen up from trauma, overcome addiction and moved forward from shame and stigma, she has seen that there are certain universal principles that each truth-teller had to learn to get to a place of acceptance, freedom and healing.

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A personal message on how I work with clients. Watch here…


RETREATS kirsty spraggonRETREATS —Truth & Digging Deep

When it comes to these deeper experiences, there is a huge difference between doing a linear keynote vs. facilitating inner change over a three day period, being intuitive and taking the group where they need to go. Kirsty is a master at creating and holding space for this deeper work and integrating simple, fun and dynamic forms of meditation, energetic healing techniques, potent storytelling and methods of expanding consciousness.

The journey she takes you on during a retreat is one that gets to THE TRUTH of what’s keeping us stuck, sick, broke, you name it. She creates the necessary supportive container to generate a powerful experience of healing and release. Combining many of the key messages from her keynotes, she goes even deeper, allowing for deeper integration and processing of her material.

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“The day I heard you speak was my turning point. It made me realize I could change my life.”

AVON Attendee UK Event

Speaker keynote woman kirsty spraggon

Inspiration—Legacy & Truth

There are 5 main regrets that people have when they are dying. With one of them being ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself’. This keynote takes the audience on a journey of self-reflection & challenges everyone in the room to focus on what truly matters in their life, allowing them to check-in as to whether they are creating a life of regrets or a life of LEGACY.

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