Video – Breast Implants Gone Wrong, Sybil Goldrich Warns Women

Video – Breast Implants Gone Wrong, Sybil Goldrich Warns Women



I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to be lying in a hospital bed, waiting for them to come and remove your breasts. I imagine it would be one of the hardest decisions for any woman to have to make. Do you know anyone who has had a mastectomy?  

After her double mastectomy in the 80’s, my guest, Sybil Goldrich discovered that breast implants had never been approved by the FDA. She went on to become a whistle blower against corporate giants and an advocate for all women in the same situation.  There was even a movie made on her life called, TWO VOICES on what was, at that time, the largest class action in the history of the United States.  Her efforts lead to a $6 billion dollar global settlement.

 A little about Sybil:

‘Her leadership on this issue began in 1987 when, as a cancer patient having massive difficulties with implants for reconstruction after bi-lateral mastectomies, she uncovered the fact that breast implants had never been approved by the FDA. Her seminal article on the subject, “Restoration Drama” was published in Ms. Magazine in June of 1988, which prompted women around the country with their own implant complications to contact her. Shortly thereafter, she founded Command Trust Network, an information clearing house about breast implants, for the purpose of providing facts that were difficult and often impossible to get elsewhere about breast implants and silicone.

Ms. Goldrich has testified countless times before various House committees, Senate committees, the FDA, and the California State Legislature. She is routinely called on by the media as an expert source and has been featured in stories by all three networks and many cable stations. She is a frequent guest on talk shows and has appeared on, among others, Good Morning, America, CNN Morning, C-Span, Nightline, CBS Evening News, NBC News, ABC News, CNN International, MSNBC, CNBC, Larry King Live, Oprah, Donahue, and many others. Lifetime TV and Hearst Entertainment produced a movie of the week, TWO VOICES, the story of Command Trust Network and what was, at that time, the largest class action in this history of the United States.’

Considering that breast implants are the #1 cosmetic surgery today, I think her story is one that all women need to hear. 

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