Kirsty TV on The Today Show – ‘THE NEXT OPRAH’ (Video)

Kirsty TV on The Today Show – ‘THE NEXT OPRAH’ (Video)



I am so excited The Today Show covered my story about building Kirsty TV–what an incredible experience. Their title ‘The Next Oprah’ is an honor but massive shoes to fill. I am a huge Oprah fan and can only hope to have half the career she has had. Oprah has conducted over 30,000 interviews over a 25 year career. I on the other hand, am just at the beginning of my journey with just over 30 interviews.

She left such a mark on the talk show space I think anyone entering in, is always compared and I certainly hope to follow in her footsteps in terms of sharing meaningful stories that are important to tell and help people heal.

I hope to look back one day & to have left a legacy such as Oprah’s and to have made such a difference in the world is something I certainly aspire to.

If you would like to read more about how my journey began check out this blog I wrote.

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