Persistence to the Point of Almost Stalking Pays Off

Persistence to the Point of Almost Stalking Pays Off



OWNers, this is for you! Paolo Presta and I shot some extra footage and an interview all about what is was like for Paolo to meet Oprah and how that changed his life. Watch it to the end because we have some extra funny footage! I love Oprah, the OWN Network, Spoonful of Paolo and this amazing community who continues to support us and each other.

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Oprah hit the road in her Wildest Dreams Bus back in 2004 to make people’s dreams come true. One of her stops was at a family owned grocery store where my guest Paolo Presta worked. She offered this aspiring actor a speaking role on the TV show Will & Grace and it went down in Oprah’s show history as one of the best viewer surprises of all time. Paolo says, That was the best day of my life. It changed my life, it changed who I am, it helped me live more of a truthful like and it just opened so many doors for me.”

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Paolo goes into detail about the moment Oprah Winfrey walked into his family grocery store. Oprah actually told him that he could stop emailing her! Haha!

Oprah Makes Paolo's Dream Come True  Oprah Winfrey Network OWN

Paolo always knew that something greater in his life would come along. He had bigger aspirations than working at his family’s grocery store, so he set out to get Oprah’s attention by writing her at age 19. He would go to her shows 3 times a year and write her weekly! Paolo knew that Oprah could be the one to help him live his dreams. He always has felt, “If you have something you believe in, you go for it!” For 6 years, he wrote Oprah week after week.

A lot of people don’t know that 2 weeks prior to Oprah coming to his store, Paolo got a tour of the Harpo Studios. He looked for Oprah, but she wasn’t there. Right after the tour he went to the gym. That’s where he saw her working out. He approached her when she was leaving the weight room and thanked her for how her show had changed his life.

Weeks later Oprah saw that Paolo had submitted to have Oprah make his wildest dream come true and sought to do that! Read and watch more about Paolo’s speaking role on Will & Grace, how he was able to come out as a gay man to his parents, heal from child molestation that happened to him as a freshman in high school and how he worked hard to live the life he imagined! From working at his parent’s grocery store to Will & Grace, The Talk, then The Ellen DeGeneres Show and finally, he has his own show A Spoonful of Paolo.

Paolo Presta on Will & Grace TV Show   Paolo Presta on The Talk

“Anything is possible if you do the hard work.” #KirstyTV

Paolo Presta's Talk Show  LaToya Jackson on a Spoonful of Paolo

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