Tips on How to Find Success Everyday

Tips on How to Find Success Everyday



How to seize the day! Carpe Diem! I met Jasmine through the Oprah and Owners community. Jasmine has an inspirational blog called, Carpe Diem that I really love. Carpe diem is an aphorism usually translated “seize the day”, taken from a poem published in the Odes in 23 BC by the Latin poet Horace. She read it in high school and loved the meaning ever since.

Jasmine tells us that seizing the day is really about being mindful, present and appreciative. Most people think about seizing the day as having to do something really grandiose like sky diving or coming here to Hawaii, but you can seize the day in your everyday life. Look around and be mindful of the beauty and the blessing that surround you. Our busyness and multitasking can strip us from enjoying these things and being present.

One of the things that Jasmine believes is that there is so much power in appreciation. In everything that we have in life, we can choose not to take them for granted and be grateful instead. 

Mindfulness and appreciation are great ways to seize the day! #KirstyTV

What about seizing the year? It’s the beginning of a new year and an exciting time. Some people like to have new years resolutions, whereas Jasmine likes to have a word of the year. This year, her word is “better”. Last year, her word of the year was “unlimited”. 

“I just kind of meditate and move in the word. And when I’m down, I can say, “This is going to get better.” 

Jasmine explains, “The word of the year is really about shifting your mind and using that one word to get you in that paradigm that you need to move forward.”

She has inspired me to have my own word of the year, which is “naked”. Naked to me means, being raw, vulnerable, real and open. What is going to be your word of the year?

I hope that you seize the day and pick a word of the year for yourself.

Three things that Jasmine has learned on her journey that she wished she would’ve known before:

1. Just do it. Get out there and just do it.

2. Be fearless and courageous. 

3. Don’t listen to the naysayers. 

So take in the blessings and be appreciative this year! 

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