Tyler Perry’s, ‘The Have and The Have Nots’ Actress: Renee Lawless’ Wild Journey to Her Dreams

Tyler Perry’s, ‘The Have and The Have Nots’ Actress: Renee Lawless’ Wild Journey to Her Dreams



My guest today, Renee Lawless, is an actress playing Katheryn Cryer on Tyler Perry’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’, a television drama on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She has been through the highs and lows on her journey to the bright lights in Hollywood and is here to share her story with us.
Renee answers the question, “How does one prepare for success?” She tells us about the her roller coaster ride experience, building her career as an actress in New York and in Hollywood. “You can be riding high one minute and at the bottom of the barrel the next,” she says.
 The Haves and Have Nots  The Haves and Have Nots
“To get up the next day after the door has closed the night before,” has been the hardest thing for her to get through in her journey to success. She had to believe in herself and realize that, “…rejection is not a no, it’s a not now.” She goes on to say, “You have to learn not to think about the things that are completely out of your control.”
To people who are struggling, going after their dream she says, “Keep going. Persevere and know that no matter how many doors shut, no just means not now.”
 The Haves and Have Nots 
Renee kept the faith by truly believing in herself and by knowing what she really had to offer. She also had a support group that believed in her. One of her biggest life lessons in her life has been that one must be happy with themselves at the end of the day. That if you can go to sleep at night knowing that you’ve been truthful, honest, true to yourself… then it’s good.
Renee encourages us, “Life is beautiful. We only get one. Make the best of it.”
If you are out there chasing your dream, know that it is possible. You have to keep the faith and believe in yourself every single day. Keep getting back up after that door gets closed. Rejection is just part of the process. 
The Have and The Have Nots - Katheryn Cryer 
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