I Made My Calling My Career

I Made My Calling My Career



Finding purpose of life; knowing the difference between career vs. calling. The tables are turned on me today, as my lovely assistant interviews me! We’re going to talk about the ups and downs of building a talk show and following my heart to my purpose.

I find myself getting emotional thinking about the journey of building my dream and KirstyTV  because it’s been quite a ride. I’ve moved countries, left my family, my friends, and there are a lot of times where I’ve questioned myself. I don’t see those times as lows. The high times far surpass the challenging times because there have been so many blessing that have come from this journey. 

I’ve noticed that when I hit my lowest lows, it comes right before a high! I’ve learned that it’s normal to go through that roller coaster ride. I actually believe that those highs are what get you through those tough times because you can stand firm on those prior blessings.

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My work week can be from a minimum of 10 hours a day, 5 days a week to 14-hour days, 7 days a week. I’ve always been someone that works when I’m in flow and pulls back when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I am more in tune now more with the joy of my work. Three entrepreneurial journeys later, I’ve gotten use to knowing what works for me. I’ve coined a word call “furk”—the first two letters of the word “fun” and the last two letters of the word “work”. Furk was a way to explain to people that I wasn’t over working myself because I had so much fun working. I choose to incorporate fun into my work which helps maintain a balance of success and joy in my life. 

Where real estate, being a speaker and building a business felt more like a career, this feels more like my purpose in life. There’s something very special here. It’s more heart-connected to my purpose. It’s like the universe is supporting me on this journey as well.

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