Born Without Arms, The Inspiring Lesson’s He’s Learned

Born Without Arms, The Inspiring Lesson’s He’s Learned



Born without arms, Alvin Law has learned to do everything hands do with his feet. The inspiring lessons he’s learned motivate people to be their authentic self and to fully accept themselves. He sat down with me at the National Speakers Association to share some of his life’s lessons and gifts with us. 

In our informal interview, he shared these inspiring messages. 

11111106 Alvin Law

The first question that I always get is, “What happened to you?” The real answer that I know at 53 years old is, “Nothing.” Nothing happened to me but a lot has happened because I was born without arms. 

My story is about my parents. I was adopted 3 weeks old after my birth family gave me up at 4 days old because they couldn’t see a future. True story—no drama, reality. My mom was 55 years old and my dad was 53. They took me in as foster parents. They taught me not only to use my feet, but they taught me that life is not easy.

Born Without Arms Born Without Arms

The irony is that I learned that failure is the foundation for success. I do everything with my feet. Eat, shave, wash my face… I’m married, have a wonderful wife who can take care of me, but at the end of the day I think these [toes] became my fingers and I think these [feet] became my hands.

The lesson that took me the longest to learn is, I am not my physical body. I mean, I’m a guy; I always thought I needed the biceps. You don’t have to have the biceps, you just have to have the spirit. We’ve all got it, we just have to find it.


The bottom line is that we need to be our authentic selves. My parents taught me how to accept myself. 

At the end of the day we get one life. What we do with it is everything.

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