The Healing Power of Journaling

The Healing Power of Journaling


The healing power of journaling is profound & has so many different benefits. One of the powerful healing powers of journaling is self trust. Journaling is the initial stepping stone to trusting ourselves which is absolutely necessary in sharing anything.

I’ve designed a 6-week online course on releasing shame and secrets where journalling is a huge part of the healing process. Journaling is also a very positive tool for affirmations and reflection. Going back to read about the milestones we’ve hit is a great way to stay present to the journey of our life. I’m a big proponent of visual journaling. My roommate and I use to make a night of it; lighting candles, bringing out the water colors and art supplies, making it a special time. It’s so cathartic and therapeutic.

Bringing art to your journaling is a great way to bypass the brain, bringing a lot of joy and a vision of something new that we’ve created for ourselves. Not judging your words or art in your journal is key! We allow ourselves to breathe and expand when we don’t judge our journaling. Even though I am not the best artist in the world, I have so much fun journaling with my girlfriends and with the process.

I highly recommend that everyone get a journal and find a way to incorporate that into their healing process. We will be journaling a lot in this transformative and FUN online course!

Journaling Secrets and Shame Away


Secrets affect your life in many ways over time. The 6-week online course is all about the transformational power of truth. During this course, journaling will be a major component of your growth.

How do we eradicate shame and stigma from our lives for good? Some of you may have seen the TEDx Talk I did where I shared a secret on the world stage. The title of the talk was ‘You’re Only as Sick as Your Secrets’. For 18 years I kept my secret and it insidiously affected my life in so many ways. I truly believe that our secrets make us sick. For more info and videos about the course, click here.

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