More Enslaved Today Than Ever

More Enslaved Today Than Ever

Week 3 - Human Trafficking Petra.003

Before this interview there was so much I didn’t know.  THIS SHOCKS ME – There are more slaves in the early 21st century than at any previous time, but opponents hope slavery can be eradicated within 30 years.

I stumbled upon a USA Today article (June ’12) while I was doing some research on human trafficking before my interview with guest, Petra Sojka.  In it, ‘Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton decried the enslavement of up to 27 million people around the world as her department released its annual report on human trafficking.’ 

“These victims of modern slavery … their stories remind us of what kind of inhumane treatment we are still capable of as human beings,” she said. “Traffickers prey on the hopes and dreams of those seeking a better life, and our goal should be to put those hopes and dreams back within reach.”

We all should be aware of what is going on with modern day slavery.  This is a big problem for all of society, for all our young girls.  ‘“We’re still struggling to make it a mainstream issue, which is taking a long time,” Clinton said in India.’

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