I wan’t to talk about Rape Culture, Trump & Sexual Assault, NOT politics.

I am angry and sad but mostly disappointed that this is where we are at, as a people. This isant about Trump it’s about how we have responded to this appalling information as a society. Firstly let me say I don’t wan’t to discuss politics I wan’t to discuss the sexual assault of women by a man named Donald Trump who in his 50’s at the time was caught on tape admitting that as a ‘star’ he could do whatever Read More

How to Embrace Your Power and Move From Living in Fear to Living in Love 

I used to have a recurring nightmare. In the nightmare, I was trapped in a concrete maze on top of a building. I ran frantically through the maze, gasping for breath, looking for a way out. Every time I thought I was almost out of the maze, I turned a corner, only to run into a man much larger than me, dressed in black and wearing a white mask. I never knew who he was.  This nightmare was related to Read More

Life Epiphanies Are Turning Point Moments in Our Lives

  Life epiphanies are turning point moments that are pivotal occurrences that can or will change our lives. The turning point moments of famous people are well known. Oprah Winfrey was fired as news anchor at WJZ-TV, which allowed her to refocus and become the talk show host she was born to be. Steve Jobs was removed from his own company and used the break to reinvent himself, establishing himself as one of the great visionaries with a cult following. Employed as a caricaturist, Read More

12 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

After my husband’s death, I found myself in an ocean of grief. As a nutrition and exercise counselor, I knew self-care would make me strong enough to withstand sorrow and help me love life again. My soul and spirit needed gentle care, too. Self-support is essential when we lose a job, our home, a relationship, or anything we counted on. I share twelve ideas for soothing and nurturing our inner wounds.  Body 1. Go outside. Walk. Look for the moon Read More

My Daughter Died of Heroin Overdose

My life changed on September 8 2012. My daughter Kayela was struggling for a few years with drugs. At first I was dumb. Yeah, I say dumb because I knew so little and gave money out left and right. The first time she died, they brought her back and I thought—great this will really teach her and she will never touch drugs again. Dumb because I had internet and never even looked up drug abuse signs when to get help. Read More

Inspirational & Favorite KirstyTV Quotes

Inspirational and motivational quotes. Here are some of our favourite inspirational and motivational quotes from KirstyTV guests. Feel free to share them on facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and pinterest!                                                        

Weight Loss Diet Superstars Lost 100 lbs

Here are 3 of our guests who shared their amazing weight loss transformations and each lost over 100 pounds. I love how each person’s past struggle and present success is vastly different, yet equally inspiring. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF4BhiAvvoQ&index=2&list=PLQIikebAPmLXfBSdF6-wWrzcpt-4cS2zg[/youtube] Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross talks about his journey of living solely on juice for 60 days. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary which has now been seen by millions of people worldwide. In this Read More

Married To A Pedophile – Sexual Abuse Survivor and Author

  Sexual abuse survivor, Brenette Netters shares an excerpt from her book, Married to a Pedophile with KirstyTV. What would make someone take the innocence of a child sexually, mentally, or emotionally? In Married To A Pedophile, Candace experiences sexual, mental, and emotional abuse throughout her childhood and her adult life until she decides to take her life back. She learns that domestic violence and sexual assault are the enemies in any relationship. Candace is a fighter and she empowers those around her Read More

I Told My Religious Parents I Am Gay

Sitting in an empty locker room, my phone in hand – I knew I had to do it. I was about to be late for ballet class so I pressed call, the phone rang then rang again. My Dad answers, I remember just trying to breathe. Knowing I could not hold on to this secret anymore I just spit it out, “Dad, I have something to tell you. I am gay”. There was a silence and I heard my dad Read More

3 Universals To Healing That All My Guests Share On KirstyTV

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKFSGKNb56w[/youtube] Hi I’m Kirsty Spraggon from KirstyTV! here on our show we are all about sharing our stories so that we can heal ourselves and heal others. My guests have been through huge adversity in their lives from rape, to human trafficking, eating disorders, depression, shark attack survivors and more. But how do we move forward from that ? there are 3 universals principles that I have seen in all my guests stories. That they use to move forward in Read More