I wan’t to talk about Rape Culture, Trump & Sexual Assault, NOT politics.

I am angry and sad but mostly disappointed that this is where we are at, as a people. This isant about Trump it’s about how we have responded to this appalling information as a society. Firstly let me say I don’t wan’t to discuss politics I wan’t to discuss the sexual assault of women by a man named Donald Trump who in his 50’s at the time was caught on tape admitting that as a ‘star’ he could do whatever Read More

How to Embrace Your Power and Move From Living in Fear to Living in Love 

I used to have a recurring nightmare. In the nightmare, I was trapped in a concrete maze on top of a building. I ran frantically through the maze, gasping for breath, looking for a way out. Every time I thought I was almost out of the maze, I turned a corner, only to run into a man much larger than me, dressed in black and wearing a white mask. I never knew who he was.  This nightmare was related to Read More

Trading Your Awful Past for a Beautiful Future

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzboihu8XlA&list=PLQIikebAPmLXSuklBLMgHErZidlol0xWw&index=2[/youtube] [powerpress] Forgiving those who hurt you is a powerful healing act of grace. Author and Founder of The Teen Project, Lauri Burns shares her powerful story about forgiving her physically abusive father who put her through turmoil. By her teenage years, she found herself spiraling down a road of drugs and dangerous behavior. By 19 years old, she was working the streets as a prostitute and addicted to heroine. Now 27 years sober, she has completely turned her life Read More

Healthy Marriage After Sexual Abuse – Haneef’s Follow Up Interview

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1Vtq_cbGZw&list=PLQIikebAPmLVG5K5SiFWKd8p62FwKQ2KE&index=2[/youtube] [powerpress] A healthy marriage after sexual abuse has been one of my guest’s triumphs after being sexually abused multiple times in her teens. My guest found healing that allowed her to live a healthy life not defined by her past abuse. At just 15, Haneef Jordan was gang raped and then at 16 she began to endure daily sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted family member on her way to school. This set her on a course Read More