Video – Sam Cawthorn Talks About How To Heal Through Relationships

Video – Sam Cawthorn Talks About How To Heal Through Relationships



My friend, the WONDERFUL Sam Cawthorn popped in for a chat and like a smart girl would, I recorded it because he has so many inspirational stories and wisdoms to share. This was one of my first interviews (yay)!  

Sam has a bionic arm. At age 26, he was in a terrible car accident that took his right arm. After a coma and five months of rehabilitation, he was told he would never walk again, but today he does.

I asked him what brought him through that difficult time and without hesitation he said, “The number one thing for me was relationships.” He went on to explain the power of relationships and how we can use them in times of need. 

We all make human contact. Even the seemingly smallest connections can really help us in times of need.  For the next few days, be aware of the relationships around you. Make an effort to make more human contact and then count your blessings. Because chances are, you have more relationships in your life than you realize.  

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