Video – Poem & Song By Guest DJ Verrett ‘Outta Myself’

Video – Poem & Song By Guest DJ Verrett ‘Outta Myself’



This blew me away! My favorite part of my interview with DJ Verrett, was when he read his original poem, ‘Outta Myself,’ which inspired his rap song by the same title. We captured it on camera and later he sent me his song to share with you. The last line in the poem gets me every time!


Now once upon a time, 

when I was on the grind,

out committing crimes,

I thought the world was mine.

When I was in my prime,

I was just trying to shine,

but I was truly blind.

I couldn’t see the signs.

I’m getting outta myself

by going into myself.

Now I got clear eyes,

with a clear mind.

I’m in a clear space.

Now I’m about to shine.

After spending more than 16 years in prison, DJ Verrett realized he had the power to free himself even behind concrete walls. This poem and song is about ‘going outta yourself to go into yourself’. How insightful!  Comments? Leave them below. I read each one!

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