Are Bigger Breasts Worth The Risks? Kouch Time Discussion

Are Bigger Breasts Worth The Risks? Kouch Time Discussion



Breast augmentation is the #1 cosmetic surgery in the U.S.  Women and TEENAGERS aren’t happy with themselves as they are.  Is it the pressure of the media to live up to some ideal for perfection? Is it for ourselves or our partners? Why are so many Western women willing to undergo the knife when our sisters in Africa are not following this trend… Obviously there are some situations where women are rebuilding after mastectomies but they are not the majority having this unnecessary and risky surgery. What’s going on? 

I hope we all know by now that surgery comes with huge risks, but I wonder if we are forgetting that.  Check out these seriously startling breast implant facts:

  • -Many women who undergo surgery are replacing old implants that have broken or caused problems; some women report as many as ten or more surgeries as their implants are replaced over the years. 

  • -Pain, rupture, and the need for additional surgery, are very common within the first three years.

  • -Within 10-12 years, most women will have at least one broken implant, although women with silicone gel implants don’t always realize it. 

  • -Women with breast implants for at least seven years are more likely to die from brain cancer, lung cancer, or suicide, compared to other plastic surgery patients of the same age.

  • -Breast implants can interfere with cancer detection, as implants can obscure the mammography image of a tumor. Mammogram machinery can also rupture an implant.

Things that make you go “agghhh?”  Scary right?  All of this research makes me want to call my friends and family who have breast implants and check in with them.  

People are dyeing on the table & it makes me wonder is a boob job really worth the risk?  Talk to me. I’m very curious to know your thoughts.

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