How To Stay Motivated – Getting Back In Flow – K Diary (Video)

How To Stay Motivated – Getting Back In Flow – K Diary (Video)


Staying motivated can be a daily challenge & after being in a slump for 2 weeks, I’m finally out! The excitement and energy is back in flow after being out of action for a little while. The thing I realize that helps me to unslump during the tough times of entrepreneurial building is getting back in action. I learned that I don’t need to tackle 100 things on my list, just one. This time, I just reorganized my thoughts and started an action board. That alone was a big step to getting out of the funk. 

Trust is another key player. I remembered to be kind to myself during the stressful slump, but I had to work a little harder to trust that things would work out for my greater good. And finally, the action part. Once I started to get up and talked to people, the ball started rolling and potential sponsors started approaching me! I was having some wins again!

If you find yourself unmotivated, stressed or slumped, remember to be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time to go through those emotions. Trust that things will work out and get back into action. Small actions lead to bigger ones and pretty soon you’ll be back in flow baby!

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