How To Present Magazine – My Cover Girl Moment!

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How to present magazine is a great free resource. I was honoured to be their covergirl on this months issue. Here is an excerpt from my article.

Sometimes I reflect on where I’m at in my life and I find myself shaking my head and
quietly laughing. What in the world am I doing?! I ask myself and in the next moment, I
know; I’m listening to my soul and making a way to realize what my core is telling me. I’m
one of those “crazy” people who has an outrageous dream. Mine is to become a talk show
host. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but that’s the main idea. For real insight into my
dream, think–an Australian Oprah. Did your eyes widen at the audacity of my goal?

The great thing about being a dreamer who shoots for the stars, is that I know I’m not
alone! Most of us will admit that we have a dream. Somewhere along the line, I grew
to feel that “boldness” is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s key to getting what you want. It’s
part of the recipe that gives me fuel to drive forward. It’s 1/3 of my mantra: a pinch of
delusion, a dash of audacity and a shot of courage. I believe those three
ingredients are what it takes to commit to your dream and be effective. I’ve even engraved
it on a bracelet I wear as a reminder to take a dose when my faith is running low. I’m
sharing it with you now because it’s working for me.

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