Dreams Big! How to Dream Big, What Is Your Dream & How To Make It A Reality

Dreams Big! How to Dream Big, What Is Your Dream & How To Make It A Reality

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Dream BIG !  Firstly What Is Your Dream?

Figuring out what you want starts with listening to your heart’s desires, sometimes it’s a very small uncertain voice but the more you ask yourself what you want the more you will start to hear the answer.

Begin by sitting somewhere quietly with a pen and paper and just ask; What do I really want in life? What would I love to do, be, see and have? Where would I like to go? What would you like to experience… share with loved ones? Do before I die ?

Don’t get stuck by the voice that asks how ? For now just focus on ‘what’ you would love.

Write down your desires in a variety of areas such as career, health, relationships, finance & spirituality.

My advice would be to go crazy. Write hundreds of goals down. The bigger the better – don’t hold back. I’m a great believer in the saying: “Think of the WHAT and the HOW will take care of itself.” So, write yourself a massive list and then look at it every day for a week and start to cull the list. You will find you are more inspired and drawn to some then others. Perhaps swimming with sharks sounded fun but is not as important to you as taking a vacation with the kids. Once you get clear on which ones really light your fire you will have your list of dreams.

Turning Your Dream Into Reality…  

As I am a very visual person I found that instead of writing my goals down I preferred to use a technique called ‘Dream Boarding’. Research has been found that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what’s real and what’s not, so it can be tricked into believing you are already living the life you dream.

You simply take a large piece of cardboard and stick pictures of all the different dreams you are wanting to achieve in the different areas of your life. 

Dream Boards are a lot more fun than a business plan and can be a great way to involve the whole family in your dreams. You can create one together as well as individually. 

Put them up on the fridge, the back of the toilet door or the wardrobe in your bedroom: your dreams will be top of mind in your awareness rather than gathering dust in a draw.

It’s important to surround yourself with your goal. For example, one of my goals is to host my own Talk Show. So, I have visited numerous sets to watch shows being filmed, attended courses on T.V. presenting.  I have immersed myself in that world  by taking photos of myself on set in the producer’s chair, green room and dressing room. No matter what your goal is, immerse yourself in it. Live it, breathe it, be it, see it!

What It Takes To Make Them Happen…

After a trip to the US earlier this year I had this statement engraved on a bracelet. ‘A Pinch Of Delusion, A Dash Of Audacity & A Shot Of Courage’ this statement is the essence of what I feel it takes to live your boldest dreams. 

Delusion – I believe we all need to be a little deluded. I don’t mean actually deluded, but in the eyes of others it will come across as if you are…I remember when I first told people I was leaving Real Estate to be come an international speaker, there was this look of shock and horror as if I were crazy.  You need to see in yourself what you will become before others do.

Audacity – The audacity to be bold, to be persistent, to make it happen and to ask for what you want. In the beginning, you may be perceived as a “nobody”, but you must have the audacity of a ‘somebody’. Audacity gives you the ability to ‘fake it till you make it’.

Courage – Well, without this I don’t know how you would survive the dream crushers and naysayers. The courage to put your crazy big audacious dream out there. The courage to keep going, to keep getting back up and pushing forward step by step.

Best kx