Why He’s HIV Positive and Not Scared Anymore



An HIV positive diagnosis is something no one is prepared for. My guest, Ken Williams was in the prime of his life when he tested HIV positive. Ken, also known as “Ken Like Barbie” is an award winning blogger who seeks to erase the stigma that shames so many who live with the HIV virus. He writes and speaks about being HIV positive by telling his own story, publicly, as it unfolds.

July 23, 2010 is the day that Ken tested positive for HIV. He was 26 years old. 

He had just left his corporate job to work at Test Positive Aware Network, an HIV clinic. He wanted to use his talents as a blogger to support his gay community, and worked as such for the network. A month after starting there he decided to test himself on a whim, but never expected to have a positive test. 

He had been dating someone for 3 months and had known them for 2 years. He was in a loving committed relationship when he was infected.

When I asked him if there was anything he wasn’t comfortable discussing he said, “I’m an emotional nudist.” 🙂

Now he works as an advocate at the clinic supporting others, removing the stigma and raising awareness. Sharing a message that we must get tested, we must use protection and we must stop the shame.

Now 29 years old, “Ken Like Barbie” is happy, healthy, on his medications, learning to live and love again, and inspiring others by being open about his HIV status.

This is one of the most moving personal video diaries I have ever watched. Intimate, authentic, heartbreaking.


Quotes from KLB: Consider Me John Doe

“This isn’t a gay disease. This isn’t a straight disease. This is a human disease.”

“Do yourself the courtesy and get tested.”

“HIV can be scary if you let it scare you, but I’m not scared anymore.”

“Knowing your status is powerful, but the steps you take after being diagnosed determine wether you are someone who is living with the virus or dying with the virus.”

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