Your Work Drive is Like Your Sex Drive – Bring Back the Passion in Work

Your Work Drive is Like Your Sex Drive – Bring Back the Passion in Work



Bring the passion back into your work life, just like your sex life. I was talking with a guest this week about bringing back desire in the bedroom and it got me thinking about my lack of desire for my work. 

Ever get tired of your business? These are some of the things that I do to get my work mojo back:

RELAX. Just like getting in the mood, you might have to go take a bath. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you move forwards. We think we have to work harder to break through the monotony sometimes, but what you might really need is a chill pill. Take some “me time” so that your desire and passion come back. Relaxing helps prevent burn out.

MIX THINGS UP. Try some new positions, like getting outside, working at a coffee shop, and being around people. Sometimes we have to shake things up to get ourselves excited about our business again. 

DO IT MORE OFTEN. I’ve heard that in regards to sex, having it more often can make you crave it more. Work can be the same. Sometimes when we are tired and not in the mood to work, it can be a matter of procrastination rather than overwhelm. You have to figure out if you need to relax or get on with it. 

I want work to be fun! Don’t you? We all have those times when desire can wane. We just need to come back to remembering what about it was important to us. Go back to why you are doing it in the first place and dwell on those good feelings for a bit. That will get you back in your groove.

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