You Suck Until You Don’t

You Suck Until You Don’t


You suck until you don’t. Literally. You are bad until you are good. I’ve noticed that people who want to go after your dreams, are bad until they are good at it. You might really suck in the beginning. No one is born a really good speaker and though I am good at it now, I struggled at the start.

Even when you have a natural talent and a gift, you are still going to have a lot to learn about your talent and craft. If you think you have nothing to learn, then you will probably take longer to get there. You want to be someone who continually grows, recognizes their flaws, stretches, and grows. Someone who is comfortable being uncomfortable.

Check out the Four Stages of Competence model. It describes how we learn. In the unconscious incompetence stage we are unconscious of our own incompetence. In the conscious incompetence stage we are fully aware of our incompetence. This is the stage I hate the most! It’s so uncomfortable. If you stick with it, you will move into the conscious competence where you become competent and know it. Finally, the unconscious competence stage where you don’t realize how competent you are because you do everything so naturally and effortlessly.

So, understand that you will suck until you don’t. Get used to being uncomfortable because it’s part of the process. You will become a master of the new skill if you are willing to take feedback, stretch and grow. Go out there and do it!

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