KirstyTV Fan Video – Celebrating 1 Year & 100K Views!

KirstyTV Fan Video – Celebrating 1 Year & 100K Views!


KirstyTV hit 100,000 views on our 1 year birthday! We are now 1 year old and 100,000 views strong! Our fans are the best and sent in their birthday wishes and congratulations. Thanks for celebrating with us!! We are on a mission to spread the healing to 1 million people this year! Help spread the inspirational and positive true stories of overcoming adversity by watching and sharing the show. 

Kirsty Spraggon KirstyTV

‘Someone asked me what the coolest thing about speaking is and I told them; it’s the opportunity to make a difference. I just received this incredible fan email that made me cry and feel so grateful to know we ARE making a positive and changing lives!

Dear Kirsty, 

I really felt that I should let you know how much my life has changed since I began watching and listening to KirstyTV on iTunes.

I suffered a lot of childhood trauma at the hands of family members, through witnessing domestic violence, trying to protect my mum and younger siblings, being the oldest I always felt it was my duty to protect them, this then lead to me being put in the firing line, many times not thinking that I was going to make it out alive.

As I grew older I knew that I needed to let all this anger and frustration go to set an example for my family, and I thought that I had, that was until I listened to the podcast I got on my flash drive when you spoke at the NEWAYS Convention. Buying that flash drive was the best decision I’ve ever made. I knew that there was something that you could teach me after seeing you speak, but I had no idea there would be more you could help me with and that it would be so big.

I turned on the podcast in the car, letting it shuffle, the first podcast that played was “Thrive as an adult after Childhood Trauma” I remember getting to a point in this, having to pull over crying, I was so shocked and in a way relieved that I now had a reason for why I was doing some of the things I was doing in my life (that I thought were just my weird traits) I learnt very quickly that I hadn’t dealt with this trauma as well as I thought I had. I was so relieved that I could now understand why I am always testing people, trying to push them away and to see how long it’s going to take before they too did something to hurt me. However through listening to this and then the forgiveness podcast I have started to feel so much better. I learned that obviously my dad had and has bigger demons that he was trying to fight, and that he must have some awful things going around in his head.

I even got up the courage to tell my best friend what had gone on in my childhood. I’d always kept it quiet thinking that it was my fault that it had happened, thinking that maybe if I wasn’t here that the problem would go away and that if I didn’t talk about it and just helped my family get though it we’d all be ok and I could just forget. I now understand that this isn’t the case and that it isn’t and never was my fault, and that even all the “bad” stuff has helped to shape me to the person I am today, that it’s been my biggest teacher. I hadn’t ever seen it that way, I’m so glad that I do now.

I just wanted to thank you for the work you’re doing and all the healing that you’re helping with. You’re doing an amazing job and I know that there is absolutely no way I would be feeling so light and just like this massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders had you not be doing the work that you’re doing! I don’t feel so alone anymore and I know that I’m not the only one who has felt this way. You’ve changed my life!! I really look forward to hearing you speak again in August and seeing what else you can teach me!


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